Information Evening and Discussion: Thursday 18 Nov 2010

Transition Brunswick, Event 1

Information Evening & Discussion
Thursday 18 Nov, 2010 7.00–9.00pm
Brunswick Town Hall

The Transition Towns movement provides a wonderful model for connecting groups
and individuals who want to create a more sustainable future.

How will Brunswick survive and thrive, given the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change?

The vision is for a more connected, resilient community.

We invite you to explore how a journey away from cheap oil can be a chance to design a fun and exciting future.

The first step is awareness

Come along for an interesting and informative gathering.

Let’s power down and celebrate up!

Brunswick Town Hall
233 Sydney Road

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3 Responses to Information Evening and Discussion: Thursday 18 Nov 2010

  1. s says:

    thanks for tonight. andrew – great job presenting. look forward to the next event 🙂

  2. Richard Brown says:

    As a recent arrival in West Brunswick (from 25 years in leafy Alphington), I am very interested in the TT concept, but missed the 18 Nov meeting, and would like to keep in touch with what’s happening/contribute.


    Richard Brown

  3. Andrew M says:

    Thanks for the nice comment ‘S’.


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