Learn Earthbag Building at South Melbourne Commons

If you missed out on earlier workshops and working bees, Earthbag building at South Melbourne Comons continues! It’s not too late to learn a bit about earthbag building for use in projects closer to home 🙂


The South Melbourne Commons Food Garden team invites you to take part in our skill-sharing event on rammed earth building with earthbags. You can come on either or both days!

Sunday 26th June 2011, 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10th July, 2011, 10am – 4pm

South Melbourne Commons
Corner of Bank & Montague St,
South Melbourne

The South Melbourne Commons is a joint venture between the Father Bob Maguire Foundation and Friends of the Earth – a new community hub that reconnects people back to a sense of place and belonging.

What is Earthbag building?
Learn more here http://www.earthbagbuilding.com

What does the start of our earthbag retaining wall look like at the South Melbourne Commons?

First wall almost complete!

Our 100 meter long curvy retaining wall is inspired by the keyhole design with a view of maximising edge and creating an aesthetically pleasing functional space for South Melbourne Commons café patrons to sit within. Serving multiple purposes, the wall will also serve as a casual seating area and be a fun walking adventure for children. The walls thermal mass should assist to create a microclimate for early Spring planting and an extended Summer growing season. The garden team will talk over their design and invite participants to comment on plant selection for make the best use of horizontal and vertical space whilst balancing a mix of perennial and annual planting to provide colour, beauty and yield in the garden beds all year long.

Concept sketch of café garden

The focus of the skill-share days will be to pass on the knowledge required to make rammed earth retaining walls using earthbag building techniques. By the end of the day participants will have all the knowledge they need to start their own earthbag building project.

We’ll cover the basics of Earthbag building: testing soil, mixing, filling, laying, arranging, and tamping earthbags before applying a render finish in each day.

RSVP essential:
Contact Charlie on 0403 216 252 or smsscharlie@gmail.com
(20 places available for each day)

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