Climate change and peak oil.
What do they mean for Brunswick?

Welcome to the Brunswick Transition Town group. The aim is to connect people and organisations in the community to share ideas and skills to build a more connected, resilient and adaptive community.

Transition Towns are grass roots community initiatives that build networks for moving to a low carbon, energy efficient society. Transition Towns are made of ordinary people who want to actively respond to the two big issues of our time; peak oil and climate change. There are over 170 Transition Communities around the world.

To start with, Transition Brunswick will focus on raising awareness of climate change and peak oil. Soon we will start local projects. These projects might include food production, water management, energy, transport, waste or planning & design – all in our Brunswick community – so Transition Brunswick needs you!

If you would like to know more about climate change, environmental issues, peak oil and energy efficiency and would like to connect and share ideas with others in Brunswick please come to events and information nights and bring your friends and neighbours.

Keep in touch by posting ideas and comments on this blog and signing up to the Newsletter: https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/transition-brunswick-news

Or email us: transitionbrunswick [at] googlegroups [dot] com


3 Responses to About

  1. Andree L'Estrange says:

    heard about this through janet at brunswick uniting church, and am looking forward to contributing. is it connected to the transition 10 movement that was launched some time ago now?

    • Tania says:

      as far as we know Transition 10 is not the same as Transition Towns. Transition 10 (or The Transition Decade) is about declaring and raising awareness that the next 10 years are critical restoring a safe climate. They would connect to the same desired outcomes.
      Quoting the website, Transition 10 was inspired by Transition Towns as well as many other like minded organisations (<a href="http://www.t10.net.au/node/13&quot; title="About The Transition Decade")

  2. Andrew M says:

    Hi Folks

    Thanks to all who came along to the first public evening. It was lovely to see you all there! I will list below some useful links.


    Our newsletter: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/transition-brunswick-news
    Book: The Transition Handbook: Rob Hopkins (Australasian version)
    UK website: http://www.transitionnetwork.org
    ASPO: http://www.peakoil.net/
    ABC Four corners doco on peak oil:
    Rob Hopkins on Ted: http://www.ted.com/

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