Sharing Abundance in Moreland

A while ago I posted about the Growing Abundance project in Castlemaine, and said it should be happening here… well now it is!!!

A fantastic design researcher Juliette Anich,  is the founder of Sharing Abundance, you can register volunteer with mapping or caring for fruit trees in Brunswick or help out at harvest time and help share the rewards equitably. If you have or know of a neglected fruit tree you can have it listed and cared for!

Juliette is also part of a environmental activist collective The Inevedible Garden (sorry I missed the talk!)

Their sustainable consumption manifesto:

  1. Only take what you need
  2. Make informed purchases
  3. Your dollar is your vote
  4. Buy local, buy seasonal, buy organic
  5. Grow your own food
  6. Support your community
  7. Have excess? Share what you have!
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